Unique Music Festival


It is already known that music is inside the DNA of the hotel - the famous rooftop is named after Morcheeba's lead singer, Skye Edwards; the lobby bar is called "The Wall" as a reference to Pink Floyd - which is why we just announced our project for 2019: The Unique Music Festival, an exclusive festival that will bring huge international and national names of the music industry to São Paulo.


The project is a partnership between Hotel Unique and Flow Creative Core, happening on October 24th and 25th at the main event hall. "Music guides Unique. It reflects the joyful spirit of the hotel", says Melissa Oliveira, Unique's manager. The bar located at the lobby, named after the legendary Pink Floyd album "The Wall", creates the perfect atmosphere for a music event.


Unique Music Festival's lineup confirmed names like Ceelo Green (US), Morcheeba (UK), City of the Sun (US) and Tender (UK) bringing the world music to Unique.